Apr 17 14 10:53 PM

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This code is for couples who are already together. It is perfect to use when you feel like you need a stronger bond with the other person. This code will make the other person (the person you want to bring closer to you) think about you more often and become more loving towards you. Every time they think about you they will already be in a positive mindset and they will associate you with that happy and positive feeling... which causes them to think about you more. So it's like a cycle.

If you are fighting with the other person or there is a strain in the relationship you need to work on that first. If you find yourself in this sort of situation then you should use code BCE1 - Calm Emotions from Bad Memories. Use this code on the other person if they are upset about things that have happened between the two of you. You should also use it on yourself. After you run BCE1 - Calm Emotions from Bad Memories for about 3 hours remove it from the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine then you can run BLV1 - Bring Lovers Closer Together for about 3 hours or so. Do this daily for as long as it takes.

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